Empowerment offer peer mentoring and advocacy for people that are living with a disability or experiencing long-term health conditions and those that provide services to this community.


Our Core Purpose is to support those who are disadvantaged by disability and/or health conditions to become more employable, build confidence and improve emotional well-being. We do this through one-to-one support, group engagement, peer mentoring and training. 

Group therapy


Many people with disabilities or health conditions want to work and could do so with the right support. They face a wide range of barriers and injustices, from fewer opportunities to develop skills, to practical obstacles. Our Programme aims to raise personal aspirations by increasing confidence, and motivation and addressing barriers faced by those with the desire and capacity to work.


We believe that the only way to change attitudes in society is for disabled people to play a more active role. This can only be achieved by breaking down and addressing barriers. 

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