Advocacy for adults with disabilities

Sometimes having a disability can make it harder to access mainstream services and can make people vulnerable to discrimination and abuse. This can include missing out on jobs or services, being pressured to make a decision or choice, or being abused or neglected.

Advocacy can assist disabled people to speak out for themselves or for others who are at risk of being disadvantaged or treated improperly as a result of disability.

If you have a physical disability we can support you to have your voice heard on a range of issues such as:

  • Your health care and treatment

  • Social services

  • Housing

  • Finance

  • Benefits

  • Human rights issues

We provide physical disability advocacy to adults, carers and family of those with disabilities.

Our services are independent from local authority services and what you tell us will remain confidential (unless of a life-threatening nature). 


Service User Groups

Empowerment Consultancy and Training CIC aim to give disabled people a say in how services and facilities are delivered. We do this by facilitating service user groups for people who use health and social care services, including people with physical or learning disabilities, mental health service users, older people and their families and carers.

The groups main objective is to drive forward change, promote equality for all and remove barriers for people with disabilities. The groups provide peer advocacy, peer support, information and advice on issues such as personal budgets, direct payments, self-assessment, support planning and employing personal assistants. They also work with statutory and other agencies to develop strategies for improving services.

If you are a disabled person, carer or family member of a person with a disability and would like to find out more about our service user panel then please send us a message via the Contact Us page